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By Buttermouth → Friday, April 25, 2008

Over the years, I've been "trading" swears with people that speak different languages than me. It always starts off innocent like...asking a French person what "f you" is in French. But after a while the conversation tends to how to swear in italian video get a little bit crazy.

That's because each country has a few swears that don't really make that much sense in English. These swears tend to be the funniest and most useful of the whole conversation. Like for would you feel if a someone told you to pull them backwards in a bird cage?

I dunno about you, but I'd probably be very confused.

So that's why I've decided to list the 100 best swears that I've encountered over my travels. Have fun...but remember to swear responsibly.

PLEASE READ: A lot of what's listed below is EXTREMELY offensive. People under the age of 18 or those without a sense of humor SHOULD NOT continue reading. Ye be warned.

100 Swears / 20 Languages:


  1. Busu [Extremely ugly girl]
  2. Kintama [Golden balls]
  3. Kisama [Lord of the donkeys]
  4. Urusai Gakia [Shut up brat]
  5. Pai Pai [Breasts, nipples]


  1. Tu me fais chier [You are pissing me off]
  2. Ttourne enculer les mouces [Go fuck a cow]
  3. Ta mère est une salope [Your mother is a bitch]
  4. Va te tripoter [Go tinker with yourself]
  5. Tabarnaque, calisse de marde [Fuck, fucking shit]


  1. Dummes huhn [Stupid chicken]
  2. Fick mich [Fuck me]
  3. Himmeldonnerwetter [Heaven thunder weather]
  4. Arschgesicht [Ass face]
  5. Schwanzlutscher [Cock sucker]


  1. Mishugena [Freak]
  2. Hutzpa [Balls (lot of nerve)]
  3. Teonen al tmuna shel kalba [Do masturbate on a dogs picture]
  4. Nod [Fart]
  5. Noshech kariot [Pillow biter]


  1. Is dócha nach bhfuil seans ar bith ann [I suppose a ride is out of the question?]
  2. Cailleach [Old hag, witch]
  3. Is cuma liom sa diabhal [I don't give a damn]
  4. Marbhfháisc ort [A shroud on you]
  5. Go stróice an diabhal thú [May the worms eat you]


  1. No Skuche ala Gats [What the fuck do you want from my balls?]
  2. Cazzo vai via stronzo [Shit, get out of here jerk]
  3. li mortacci tua [To your dead relative]
  4. Vai a morire ammazzato [Go and die murdered]
  5. Figlio di puttana [Son of a whore]


  1. Nikomak [Fuck your mother]
  2. Elif air ab tizak [A thousand dicks in your ass!]
  3. Gahba [Bitch]
  4. Aha [Shit]
  5. Sharmoota haygana [Horny bitch]


  1. Dormi mecum [Sleep with me]
  2. Orcae ita [Hells yeah]
  3. Spucatum tauri [Bull shit]
  4. Irrumator [Bastard]
  5. Flocci non facio [I don't give a damn]


  1. Mo [Derogatory for a Moroccan]
  2. Malik kahell [Your king is a Black (insult)]
  3. Woodla halum [Allah wills it]
  4. Mook kebba [Your mother is a whore]
  5. Inta shaz [You're a perv]


  1. Beshoor [No brained]
  2. Kosefil [Elephant's cunt]
  3. Kos-khol [Sex crazy]
  4. An damagh [Booger]
  5. Khange khodah [Screw-up of god]


  1. Spieprzaj [Piss off]
  2. Zajebiste [Fucking awesome]
  3. Odpierdol sie chuju bo ci zapierdole [Fuck off you dick or I'll fuck you up]
  4. Jebiesz jeze [You fuck hedgehogs]
  5. Zjechać na ręcznym [Have a hand job]


  1. Zaebal [You have bored me a lot]
  2. Kor-rovie khuy-ee [You mother sucks cow dicks]
  3. Ya eemay-you o-chen balshoy jol-ty hoy [I have a big yellow dick]
  4. Tebya ne ebut, ti ne podmakhivai [Mind your own fucking business]
  5. Yob tvoiu mat [Fuck your mother]


  1. Jeg spretta søstra di mens den tilbakestående faren din sto bak og fumlet med ballene mine [I stretched your sisters ass italian while your retarded dad stood behind me and fumbled my balls]
  2. Fis [Long, soundless, and smelly fart]
  3. Dra meg baklengs inn i fuglekassa [Pull me backwards into the bird cage (comparable to "are you kidding?")]
  4. Runknisse [Wanking gnome]
  5. Javisst, enda en norsk kuksuger, akkurat det vi trenger [Great, another Norwegian cocksucker, just what we needed]


  1. Me cago en ti [I shit over you]
  2. Hijo de mil putas [Son of thousand bitches]
  3. Hueles a mierda [You smell like shit]
  4. Pinche [Fucking (swear amplifier)]
  5. La reputisima madre que te remil pario [The bitch that had you bore a thousand times]


  1. Gayn cacken ofn yam [Go shit in the ocean]
  2. Putz [Dickhead]
  3. Yutz [Asshole]
  4. Schlemeil [Always spills his soup]
  5. Schlmazel [Person who the soup is spilt on]


  1. Gotsan drewllyd [Smelly fanny]
  2. Cachu bant ti cachu mes [Fuck off you sheep-shagger]
  3. Bronnau fel bryniau Eryri [Tits like the mountains of Snowdon]
  4. Ffwcia oma & Cachau bant [Fuck off]
  5. Dos i chwarae efo dy nain [Go fuck your granny]


  1. ie de wang viestie dagoe [you're a vilty dog]
  2. boelen [fuckin' in the ass]
  3. krasi [horny]
  4. Yu ma pangpang [your mothers cunt]
  5. bos mie baanaa [kiss my dick]


  1. Dinf far tagen den i røven(roeven) [Your father takes it up the arse]
  2. Du er pisse irriterende [You're a pain in the arse]
  3. Klam [Disgustingly ugly]
  4. Dø(doe)dit fede pikfjæs(pikfjaes) [Die you fat cock-head]
  5. For fanden da også(ogsaa) [Oh for fucks sake]


  1. Chces mrdat? (ksesh mrrdat?) [Do you want to fuck?]
  2. Do prdele!, kurva! [General curse]
  3. Mrdat, prcat [Very dirty words for "fuck," - used only by the lowest people (whores, thugs, etc.)]
  4. Sakra [Damn]
  5. Hovno [Dung]


  1. Smerige kankerhoer [Dirty cancer-suffering ho]
  2. Val dood vuile kankerhoer [Drop dead stupid cancer hooker]
  3. Apenaaier [Monkey-fucker]
  4. Kutwijf [Literally cunt-bitch]
  5. Ik laat een scheet in jouw richting [I fart in your direction]

FROM THE COMMENTS (unverified translations):

21. FILIPINO (Thanks to still.undead)

  1. Putangina mo [your mother is a whore]
  2. Hindot ka [you fuckhead or fuck you]
  3. Tae mo [literal: your shit; figurative: i don't believe you, shithead]
  4. Pukingina mo or plain Kingina [cunt of your mother]
  5. Pesteng ulupong [you accursed snake]

22. PORTUGUESE (Thanks to Kika)

  1. Vai para o caralho [go to the dick (it means "fuck you" though)]
  2. Vai ver se está a chover [go see if it's raining (get lost!)]
  3. Vai para a puta que te pariu [Go to the whore that gave birth to you (very offensive)]
  4. Estou-me a cagar para ti! [I'm shitting to you.]
  5. Vai tomar no cú [go drink in the asshole]
  6. vai te fuder [go fuck yourself]
  7. filho da puta [son of a bitch]

MORE FRENCH (thanks go to LaurentSauvagnac)

  1. putain de bordel de merde [holy fucking shit]
  2. Sa mère la pute [mother whore]
  3. Enculé d'sa mère [mother fuck]
  4. oh la vache [holy cow]

EVEN MORE FRENCH (thank to Cindy)

  1. Va chier: go fuck yourself
  2. Mange de la marde: eat shit
  3. Tu es une ostie de salope: you're a fucking whore
  4. Enfant de chienne: son of a bitch
  5. Trou du cul (but we prounounce "trou d'cul): asshole
  6. Mange ma raie: eat my ass
  7. Salope, pute: whore
  8. Mange ma graine: eat my dick

23. Indonesian (thanks Anon)

  1. Ngentot ko [Fuck You]
  2. Kontol! [You dick!]
  3. Pukimak [Your mother's cunt]
  4. Babilah kau [You pig]
  5. Mampus kau [You die]

24. Turkish (thanks Turk)

  1. Gotunu sikerim [I will fuck your ass]
  2. Yarrak [Penis]
  3. Pic cocuk [Bastard child]
  4. Bin yarrak gotune girsin! [a thousand penises go in your ass]

If you know any interesting swears in languages other than English, feel free to post them in the comments... otherwise that's it. Thanks for reading!

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How to swear in italian video

Posted on June 5, 2017 by Terry Sudduth Duncan Hello Everyone, Look.

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video

How to swear in italian video