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Hooray its finally spring!  (Well almost anyway…)

Time to get outdoors and create some awesome spring family pictures.

But what to wear!?

what to wear for spring family pictures cherry blossom orchard

Spring Family Pictures

I love taking spring family pictures.  Everyone has been cooped up in the house all winter and are just dying to get outside and have some fun.

In the spring – especially early spring, people are generally so excited to get outdoors that they forget they are having their photos taken and are naturally more relaxed and personable.

Also, in the spring, people are a little bit desensitized to the cold.  The air temperature might still be frosty, but with a little sun, people are dying to get rid of their coats and sweaters.

Kids who would be freezing cold in five minutes in the fall will gladly pose for pictures for hours in the spring!

Spring is also a fantastic time to use color and fun clothing to create those one-of-a-kind whimsical images that you have had bouncing around in your head all winter.

what to wear for spring pictures spring fun

Spring Flowers in Photos

If you plan it right, there are also tons of colorful spring flowers that you can take advantage of.

Local parks are usually planted with gorgeous crocus, tulip and daffodil displays.

And an apple or cherry orchard in full blossom is truly magical for spring family pictures.

Of course it depends on where you live, but crocuses and tulips are usually in full bloom by mid to late March.  Daffodils are a little later.  Apple and cherry trees usually blossom around Easter, so late March to early April.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring flowers

Spring Weather for Photos

The weather in the spring can be a little tricky for family photos.

The ground is usually pretty wet, and there might be a few piles of snow still around, so wearing a stylish pair of boots is probably a better idea than a hot pair of heels.

You should also bring a small towel or two to sit on – you don’t want to end up with a soggy bottom!

It is also often quite sunny and bright in the spring, but without leaves on the trees, most locations will be in full sun.

If the weather calls for sun, pay attention to the time of day and use the sun to your advantage.  Schedule your spring family pictures either very early in the morning (just after dawn if you can get up that early), or just before sunset.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring weather

Bright textured sweaters, stylish boots, knits and tights, colorful blouses, tops and subtle prints, sport coats, fun necklaces…there are so many fabulous spring clothing options for family pictures.

1.  Wear Bright Colors!


More than any other time of year, spring is the time to take advantage of bright colorful spring clothing and accessories!

Be whimsical – its spring!

If you want to see more details on this year’s spring color palate – click here to check out our our article “2013 Spring Fashion Colors”.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring color

2.  Coordinate But Don’t Match

Start with a few colors that coordinate well with each other.  Fortunately, most male and female spring colors coordinate fabulously without much effort.

Mix pops of bright spring colors with coordinating neutral colors like charcoal and even denim.

However, you want your coordinating spring color pops to be spread out fairly evenly through everyone in the photo.  You also don’t want to have everyone wearing neutral bottoms and colorful tops – you have to mix your coordinating colors up.

For example you can have mom in a pretty violet pencil skirt and a cute linen blouse, dad in monaco blue jeans and a rugged grayed jade buttoned down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, little sister in a funky emerald dress and little brother in alloy pants with a fun tender shoots top.

But you can’t have everyone wear denim jeans and different color tops.

And even worse – you shouldn’t match!

Don’t all wear matching bottoms (skirts / pants) and tops – unless you want to look like a stiff tacky portrait from 1994.

One final tip on coordinating your clothing for spring pictures – it is usually better for guys to wear neutral pants and colorful tops!

Girls can balance the neutral pants on the guys with colorful skirts, leggings and pants – but its pretty hard for a guy to pull off a pair of colorful emerald pants!

This also gives the girls the option to accentuate colorful bottoms and a neutral top with colorful accessories – such as costume jewelry, a scarf, purse etc.

what to wear for spring family photos

3.  Be Careful With Prints

Prints can work for spring family pictures, but if you’re not really sure about a print, its probably best to stick to solid colors.

That’s not to say that spring prints can’t be fabulous.

Subtle prints like hound’s tooth, polka dots, and abstract patterns can break up a solid spring colors or neutrals and add great pops of color, without overpowering your outfit.

I think that subtle spring prints are the most effective on children, especially little girls.

I am not a big fan of floral prints – especially in the spring when there might be lots of natural flowers around.  For some reason it just looks wrong to wear a floral print when you’re standing in a field of real flowers!

what to wear for spring family pictures spring prints

4.  Add Textures

Pay attention to textures.

Adding some fun spring textures to your outfits, such as stylish knit sweaters and scarves, wool skirts and pants, a smooth satin blouse or even a flowing sheer shawl will all add variation to your photos.

If you need some ideas for really cool fashionable knits, check out these selections from the girls over at Beaux Mondes.

what to wear for spring family photos spring textures

5.  Accessories MAKE The Photo!

Accessories are for everyone!

Guys and boys can wear scarves, gloves, hats and belts.

Moms and girls can wear scarves, shawls, hats, jewelry, belts, purses and hair accessories.

As long as your accessories coordinate with your outfits, you really can’t go wrong.

You can also use accessories to tie outfit colors and themes together.  For example, a cute nectarine flower accessory in your little girl’s hair can tie into the vibrant orange rugby shirt her little brother is wearing.

If your spring family pictures are also going to be Easter family pictures, religious jewelry can be used add a subtle Christian Easter theme to your family photos.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring accessories

6.  Do Not Wear Clothing with Logos or Text

Ugggggg – avoid logos and text at all costs.

OK, well maybe a little Lacoste logo on your little boy’s sweater isn’t so bad – but you probably do not want “GAP” in giant letters across his front.

Sports team logos are the worst – they are super bright, flashy and lets be honest – ugly.

In all seriousness, any recognizable branding or logos are very distracting in family pictures.  Text is even worse – if there is text in a photo, viewers automatically try to read it.

Logos and corporate branding also tend to instantly date a photo – what is “in” right now will be seen as tacky and dated in just a few years.

It might be tough on your husband, but if you want people viewing your spring family pictures to pay attention to the people in the photos, avoid clothing with logos or text.

what to wear for spring family pictures no logos or wording

7.  Wear Layered Clothing

The weather can change quite quickly in the spring.  Just the sun going behind the clouds for a few minutes can instantly drop the temperature from nice and comfortable to chilly.

So layered clothing is practical, and layers also look great!

Layer coats, jackets, sweaters, long and short sleeve shirts, hats and scarves, etc…

Layering is a great way to mix and match your neutrals and your colors.

Layering your outfits also gives you very quick and easy ways to change up your outfit.  For example, you can just drop your neutral charcoal wool coat to show off your gorgeous poppy red knit top.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring layers

8. Wear Fabulous Shoes and Boots

You do have to be a bit careful with footwear for spring pictures.

Don’t forget that the ground is often very soft, so heels are probably not the best choice.  You also want to remember that it can be wet and a bit chilly too, so weather appropriate spring shoes and spring boots are important too – especially for the kids.

Fortunately, that still leaves you with lots of fabulous options for spring shoes and spring boots.  I love the look of stylish knee high boots and tights or a full length skirt.  And for the kids there are tons of options for really fun boots that look great and are also functional – like these fun, warm Youth Tofino boots by Sorel.

Even old fashioned rubber rain boots now come in all kinds of fun fashionable styles and colors to mix and match with your outfits.

One final point – do not let the guys wear running shoes!  No exceptions!  Simple black or brown casual shoes or boots are best.  If they complain, pick them us some Sketchers – they’re almost running shoes – but way better looking.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring boots

9.  Coordinate With Your Decor

One thing you really have to consider when choosing clothing colors is where you are planning on displaying your photos.

If you are going to put up a gorgeous big canvas print collage in your neutral great room, make sure your accent colors mix well with the colors you are wearing in your photos!

If you have a fun turquoise accent wall, add some pops of similar colors to your spring family pictures.

spring photos room example - turquoise wall

10. Have Fun!

Plan your spring family picture session around an outing that your whole family will enjoy.

Go for a walk through the spring flower displays at the park.  Take a picnic to a local apple or cherry orchard in blossom.

Wear fun, practical clothing that you feel good in and you will shine in your spring pictures.

Let the kids play and be themselves while you are out.

Do not worry about creating spring family pictures while you are having fun with your kids.

If your kids are misbehaving and don’t want to sit still for pictures – bribe them with Easter chocolate, then just go with it – and try to photograph them while they play.

Try very, very hard not to turn taking spring family pictures into a chore – because if you and your kids are not having fun, you will quite simply not get the fun, active, natural spring pictures that you are planning on.

what to wear for spring family pictures spring fun


Leave us a comment below and let us know what you did to create your spring family pictures.  Tell us what spring picture clothing ideas you used!

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Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

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Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo

Cool pants for women photograph ideas photo